Lil Kim was SUED by her UROLOGIST!

Lil Kim

Bad news for Lil Kim, as a urologist from Northern New Jersey just announced that he will sue her for cashing in on an insurance scam!

Dr. Gregory Lovallo claimes that he provided health care services to the rapper, but she never paid the bill, totalling $15,000. Additionally, it appears that this treatment may have been related to an entire scam that Kim eventually profited off of.

No additional details about this were provided, but the doctor claims that Lil Kim was “unjustly enriched” as a result of the insurance scam.

Obviously, he demands the $15,000, including interest and lawyer’s fees.

Last year, Lil Kim filed for bankruptcy, as she admitted to owning millions to creditors. As for this cases, she didn’t respond yet, leaving the entire situation unsolved, at least for the moment.