Lil Pump is ACCUSED of stealing a sample

Lil Pump’s latest single, Racks on Racks, is doing incredibly well after just a few days since its released. However, it also put him at the centre of a big controversy.

The rapper is accused by a British musician of using one of his samples without his permission.

This is what he wrote on Twitter:

He also gave an interview about this, saying that they “don’t expect any royalties and copyright infringement is not our issue. We want people to know that in no way have we granted the use of our music to be used on a track that is so terribly degrading to young woman”.

‘Racks on Racks’ is taken out of Lil Pump’s upcoming album, Harverd Dropout, but the launched could be overshadowed by this scandal. On the other side, Geoff Barrow, the author of the sample, could take back all claims if the rapper’s team get in touch and make him a generous offer, according to a lot of people.