Lil Pump was once again ARRESTED!

Lil Pump

While flying from Miami to Los Angeles, this Thursday, Lil Pump got into trouble after he boarded the flight.

Before taking off, a flight attendant told him and his crew that there was a problem and the entire group was eventually escorted off the plane.

It appears that the TSA flagged one of his bags, as it was smelling like weed and it was “mistagged.” Lil Pump was arrested, as he became “disorderly” during the incident, according to reports.

This is actually the rapper’s second arrest in just one month, as he was first arrested in Denmark after the policemen found marijuana in his pockets. He was supposed to be released immediately but was detained even longer, as he live-streamed the moment when he was flipping the police off.

This guy needs to take a break…