Lil Xan is out of rehab

Lil Xan

Looks like Lil Xan is a clean guy once again, as he is now out of rehab, feeling sober and better. The announcement was made on his official Twitter account.

“Out And Sober 🙏🏼💔” he wrote on the social network.

This is definitely a short stint in rehab for the rapper, who was expected to enter the program back in November, but did not go until earlier this month. Basically, Lil Xan was in rehab for just two weeks. And this is a bit too soon, if you ask us…

Back in November he gave an interview to TMZ, talking about his addiction, and revealed that he will quit using the name Xan after exiting rehab, as he’s planning to replace it with Diego, his real name. We’re very curious to see if this is going to happen.