Lil Xan, spotted while…MOLESTING a fan?

Lil Xan

Rapper Lil Xan started trending on social media, but this doesn’t necessarily mean good news for the 22-year-old.

A series of pictures with him made the rounds online, showing him grabbing a young fan’s but and people claim that he was actually molesting her!

Everything happened outside of a Los Angeles tattoo parlour and paparazzi also caught the moment when the girl grabbed Lil Xan’s hands and moved them off her butt.

Lil Xan and fan

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this moment if she was over 18 and was involved with him. Otherwise, we do expect some trouble for the rapper…

There have been a lot of celebrities accused of molesting women lately, starting with the entire #mettoo movement, so it won’t be a surprise if Xan will be blasted for this!