Lil Yachty just bought his friend a NEW CAR!

Sometimes, it really pays off to be best friends with a best-selling rapper. Take Lil Yachty, for example, who is definitely a generous friend.

This week, his friend Earl, who also happens to be one of his producers, turned 21. And what better way to surprise a guy who you’ve known since childhood that with a brand new sports car?

So yeah, Lil Yachty got him a new Corvette!

Check out the video with the moment he posted:

Shortly after this, they went for a spin with the car and the rapper “appeared to be on cloud nine after giving such a big gift.” Well, who wouldn’t be?

It’s definitely impressive what he did for this friend and we hope to hear similar news, from other rappers or celebrities, soon. After all, it’s a great thing to surprise your friends!