Lindsay Lohan finally talks about her beef with Paris Hilton

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton

Are we witnessing a really big catfight over here? Lindsay Lohan barely wanted to talk about Paris Hilton in a recent interview.

When asked about her, the Mean Girls actress said “Who’s that? Who’s that?”

Smooth, Lindsay, smooth.

“I have no problems with anyone in my life and I’m grateful for that. I’m a very loving person,” she added.

Everything started back in May, when Paris Hilton said about Lindsay Lohan that she’s “lame” and “embarrassing”.

Initially, there were some attempts at making peace and rekindle their on-again, off-again friendship, but after this, we have a feeling that their beef is going to last for a while. Oh, and prepare, as Paris will most likely make a few declarations herself after hearing what her former friend said about her.