LL Cool J and his wife just celebrated 23 YEARS of marriage!

Simone and LL Cool J

In the hip hop world, seeing couples who manage to stay together for years is pretty rare nowadays. However, there are some people who find their half and commit to them forever. Take LL Cool J, for example.

This week, the rapper and his wife, Simone, celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. They know each other for 31 years, by the way!

LL Cool J married Simone when they were teenagers, as they fell in love shortly after meeting. Wow, now this is something you don’t see that often!

They have two daughters together, Samaria and Itali.

The rapper was insanely popular back in the 80s, but he had eyes just for Simone, he said in an interview. This happened when he was just 19, by the way.