Is Lori Harvey…PREGNANT?

Lori Harvey

As you probably know, Lori Harvey is now dating Future, otherwise well known for having eight children already, with seven different women. And some say that baby no. 9 could be on his way as well…

Earlier this week, the rapper threw a huge party for his 36th anniversary and Lori, 22, was also present.

And here comes the interesting part: Lori arrived accompanied by two security guards who followed her all night long. Basically, except Future, nobody was able to get close to her.

Also, he didn’t drink anything, not to mention that nobody was allowed to smoke around her. Therefore, the rumor mill started working…

Lori Harvey could be pregnant! Especially after Future was seen rubbing her belly and whispering in her ear.

What are your thoughts on this? Is he going to be a father for the 9th time?!