Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’s Scrapp Deleon Is Locked Up In Prison For Trafficking 10-200LB Of Marijuana; His Release Date 2021 (MUGSHOT INSIDE)


scrapp deleon
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s newest editions Karen King and her sons Sas (real name Lyndon Ahlik Smith) and Scrapp DeLeon (real name Will Cortez Robinson) are no strangers to the legal system. Back in 2012, Scrapp, Sas and their mother KK were arrested after they allegedly beat her then boyfriend Lyndon Smith half to death and stuffing him in the trunk of their car.

The car was stopped after it crossed state lines into Alabama. But the charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence.

Police now have more than enough ammo on him to stick it to him… 20 years for Marijuana… This is the drug version of OJ… People get away with a crime once then think they’re untouchable..
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