Love And Hip Hop Houston SHUT DOWN Until Further Notice!!! Gangsters Pull GUNS On Producers … And Then Threaten To SHOOT The Cameraman!!! (Shock Video)



AATL announced that Love And Hip Hp had begun filming a new FRANCHISE SERIES – Love And Hip Hop HOUSTON.
Well as of yesterday, the new series has OFFICIALLY been put on HOLD. According to MULTIPLE sources in production, a fight broke out while shooting – and GUNS were pulled – on the PRODUCERS OF THE SHOW.

The incident happened earlier this week, when a fight POPPED OFF between Jhonni Blaze and another girl. More people got into it, and it turned into a near riot.

At least ONE PRODUCER had a gun put in their face, and a cameraman was thrown to the ground and threatened.

As of now, Love and Hip Hop Houston is officially ON HOLD, until the crews SAFETY can be assured.

And here it goes

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