Mac Miller’s death came after an overdose

Mac Miller

Finally, the results of a toxicology report were unveiled and we exactly know the cause of Mac Miller’s death: an overdose of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol.

The singer died on September 7, shocking and entire world, especially knowing that he seriously struggled with staying clean, but his vices were way too strong.

Social media followers claimed that Ariana Grande, his former girlfriend, was the one fo blame, but again, they were simply overreacting. Eventually, she released an Instagram statement, in order to end all the false rumors.

According to the Los Angeles Country Coroner’s Office, the toxicology report shows that Mac Miller died from “mixed drug toxicity.” He was found in his residence in California hours after his death, with a blue shade, and in the ‘praying position’, kneeling forward with his hands clasped.

Apparently, it was the combination of drugs which was fatal, not the quantity. The death has been ruled as an “accident”.