Meek Mill crashed his Rolls Royce

Meek Mill

Rapper Meek Mill was casually rolling in his brand new Rolls Royce Phantom – valued at over $500,000 – when it happened…

While arriving at a club in West Hollywood, an Uber car sideswiped the luxury car and he was definitely not happy with the outcome. Even though there weren’t any major damages and, most important, nobody was hurt, fixing everything will surely be expensive.

As a side note, just the paint on Meek Mill’s Rolls is worth over $11,000, since it’s optional.

Meek Mill Rolls Royce

But anyway, we bet that he’s not upset at all with this, since he can definitely afford to fix his whip. And we’re convinced that the Uber driver who was involved in the incident was a bit scared that he scratched such a ridiculously expensive car!