It’s all over between Michelle Williams and her fiance!

Michelle Williams and Chad Johnson

Michelle Williams announced that her engagement with Chad Johnson is over, as they decided to call it quits due to “respect issues”.

Some of her friends revealed details about this saying that¬†“Chad wouldn’t even commit to a wedding date. A lot of stuff he did would show he didn’t ‘respect’ Michelle.”

“Michelle is no dummy, she knows when someone loves and respects her . . . and she knows when someone doesn’t,” one of her friends added.

Apparently, Chad Johnson was a really controversial figure in Michelle Williams life, as her friends were claiming that he was looking to come up off of her name, as he was a constant presence at red carpet events and celebrity parties.

This is what she posted on her Instagram, after the breakup:

Michelle Williams Instagram

The two met back in 2017, in Arizona, during a spiritual retreat organized by Chad, who is also a life coach.