Mya will be 40 soon and she looks THIS good

RnB singer Mya is definitely one of those celebrities who just don’t show their age. In a few months, she will be 40, but she doesn’t look at all like that!

This weekend, she shared a couple of bikini pics, from her recent trip to Costa Rica, where she performed a few shows, but also relaxed.

Mya revealed that her secret to staying so fit is going vegan, but also exercising regularly. However, we’re almost convinced that some of her genes also had something to do with it…

Recently, she also talked about giving some advice to her 18-year-old self and revealed that the first thing that must be done is to “pay attention to the energies around – from business and personal.”

β€œI would remind myself to look outside of the box or the rules, standards, laws, validations, definitions of beauty, success, relevancy, and tell myself to get centered and practice positive self-talk, in addition to developing my own template of my own life and ideals and timelines so that I don’t go crazy,” she added.