Did Nicki Minaj just got BALD?

Nicki Minaj

According to some sources, Nicki Minaj just went through a tragic accident. Don’t worry, she’s all fine now, but it looks like she doesn’t have any hair anymore.

An insider revealed that she now has a hairstyle similar to Amber Rose’s, but it does look kind of cute on her. She is not ready to show the entire world how she looks now, but she will have to do it eventually.

In around a week, Nicki Minaj will release a new single, so this is probably when we will see her new hairdo.

Even though we don’t know what to say about this rumor, since it’s pretty hard to believe it, it could be one of the reasons why Nicki was absent from the spotlight recently. Looking forward to finding out the truth and we will keep you updated!