Nicki Minaj has some serious BOOTY PROBLEMS!

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s image played a big part in her career’s success, as the entire world is aware of her booty. Which is fake, of course.

Well, it appears that one of her most prized assets is causing her some serious problems!

That…shape was obtained using silicone injections a few years ago, but only now she’s starting to suffer the consequences.

Doctors urged Nicki Minaj to have the implants removed, before things get worse. However, she’s not ready to do this, as her butt is a crucial part of her image.

Therefore, her team and the doctors came with a plan: she was asked to gain some weight, in order to allow a fat transfer procedure, after removing all the silicone from her but. Basically, it will keep its size without any silicone.

Looking forward to seeing the final result!