Nicki Minaj slams Wendy Williams!

Nicki Minaj and Wendy Williams

Looks like Nicki Minaj and Wendy Williams have something to share after the comments the latter made about Kenneth Perry.

As previously reported, Wendy said that Nicki married a “killer and a sex offeder”, which, technically speaking, is correct. Nick’s husband is a registered sex offender in New York and was also convicted, in the past, of attempted rape. Also, he served seven years for manslaughter, after pleading guilty to shooting a man in 2002.

But according to Nicki Minaj, Wendy Williams’ crossed the line.

“I don’t know that in our society, you have to be plagued by your past. I didn’t know that people can’t turn over a new leaf. I didn’t know that your viciousness and evilness was this deep-rooted.”

Well, we can totally understand this reaction! After all, it’s her husband people are talking about!