Nike is selling way better after the Colin Kaepernick campaign!

Colin Kaepernick Nike ad

While everybody is burning their Nike clothes and sneakers, as a sign of protest after the Colin Kaepernick campaign, the company is actually doing very well on the market!

To some people’s surprise, Nike reached their ‘goal’ and is now recording very well numbers, as online sales grew 31% from Sunday of Labor Day weekend through Tuesday.

As a side note, in the same period in 2017, there was just a 17% gain!

This happened after Nike bought a primetime slot during the NFL season opener and debuted the controversial ad, starring Colin Kaepernick, as well as other athletes sponsored by the brand.

So yes, it appears that those who posted images of them burning Nike items were nothing but just overreacting, as they didn’t manage¬†to prove anything…