Nipsey Hussle was under investigation before his tragic death

Nipsey Hussle

There are a few months since Nipsey Hussle’s death and new details about his life keep appearing. For example, it was recently revealed that the late rapper and philantrophist was under investigation for possible criminal prosecution, as well as alleged gang activity.

This comes in contrast with all the praise he received from the LAPD, for his involvement in stopping gang violence.

Apparently, the LAPD were expecting to have a meeting with Nipsey Hussle the day after he was murdered, in order to discuss gang violence.

Besides this, a few years before his death the rapper’s landlords were pressured by the City of Los Angeles to evict him from Marathon.

In the past, Nipsey was a member of the Rollin’ 60s Crips, but left the gang life behind and tried his best to stop gang violence.