Odell Beckham Jr. discusses rumours about his sexuality

Odell Beckham Jr.

NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr. just gave an interview for GQ Magazine in which he discussed a lot of topics, including all the rumours surrounding his sexuality.

“I’ve never had an opportunity to talk about this. Honestly wasn’t offended. I’ve never once had no problem with anybody who has their own personal life that they live. I have friends who are gay. It was almost more funny to me. I almost messed with them even more,” the sportsman said.

Odell Beckham Jr. basically said that people sometimes make the most ridiculous claims, based just on suppositions, exactly how they did in this case, when the rumours started.

“Love is love. If you’re attracted to somebody, you’re attracted to somebody,” was one of his conclusions.

Pretty well said, don’t you think?