Odell Beckham is now dating a BLACK WOMAN!

Odell Beckham Jr

NFL star Odell Beckham made a name for himself after never dating Black women. But it looks like this just changed…

The wide receiver was spotted this week with a Black girl, somewhere in Hollywood, outside a nightclub. And according to people close to him, she’s Odell’s new girlfriend!

Check them out:

Odell Beckham and girlfriend

If this is really true, it could mark a premiere, as she is the first Black woman that Odell Beckham has ever dated.

“Odell has always dated White or Latin women,” said a friend of him.

Of course, we’re now very curious to find out if there’s something serious between these two because, leaving any joke aside, it’s a pretty big surprise!

What do you think, are these two really a couple?