This is Odell Beckham’s NEW GIRLFRIEND!

Odell Beckham

NFL superstar Odell Beckham had a pretty difficult off-season, after claims that he was using drugs, made by a French woman. Well, it looks like those times are over, as he’s on the road to becoming a better man!

According to some sources, he is now dating an RnB singer named Naveah Jolie and it looks like thing are pretty serious if we believe what some people close to her are saying.
Naveah Jolie

“Naveah isn’t interested in wasting time with a f*ckboi. Odell needs to be on his best behavior, and so far he is.”

Odell Beckham has been hanging out with her a lot lately and they’re planning to make their relationship public as soon as possible. Obviously, this is just good news for him, considering some things he did in the past.