Paparazzi are constantly after Sasha Obama!

Sasha Obama

Even though she is just 17, Sasha Obama is a constant target for paparazzi, as they are trying to catch all her moves.

Recently, Barack Obama’s daughter was seen at the beach in Mexico, enjoying some sun. Obviously, they managed to snap a few photos which started a lot of controversy.

Sasha Obama opted for a pretty revealing white bikini, showing a lot more than her parents wanted.

We won’t show them though, since she’s just 17 after all, but we’ll leave something here…

Sasha Obama at the beach

She is also familiar with some A-list celebrities, it seems, being seen with Cardi B and Offset, back in May, at the Broccoli City Fest, in Washington DC.

As a side note, her real name is not Sasha, but Natasha. How many of you knew this?