Paris Hilton and Lil Kim, present at the New York Fashion Week

Paris Hilton and Lil Kim

Two surprising presences were spotted at the New York Fashion Week, as Paris Hilton and Lil’ Kim appeared on the catwalk, in what can be called a ‘blonde moment’.

Both of them attended the Philippe and David Blond annual fashion show, in the latest designs.

Of course, Paris Hilton looked amazing, while Lil Kim had a lot of fun, dancing with fellow models and even twerking. Classic Kim, what can we say?

Check them out:

Paris Hilton and Lil Kim on catwalk

It appears that a lot of celebrities watched the two on the catwalk, as names like Victor Cruz, EJ Johnson, and Delilah Belle were present in the audience.

We’re looking forward to seeing more moments like this from them, as they seem to be made for modelling!

Which one of them was your favourite?