Paris Jackson still believes that her father is innocent

Paris Jackson

“Leaving Neverland” managed to generate a lot of controversies, as it was intended, but Michael’s daughter, Paris Jackson, still doesn’t believe that he was a child molester.

Paris hasn’t seen the documentary about her father’s life and, despite some reports, wasn’t offered the chance to see it before it premiered either.

However, the late singer’s daughter is not concerned at all about the production’s content, which reveals that he allegedly molested children.

And Paris Jackson isn’t the only one with this opinion, as a lot of personalities reacted, claiming that “Leaving Neverland” just wants to put Michael Jackson in a bad light.

Paris’ mom, Debbie Rowe, also avoided seeing the movie, as she believes that there’s no point in doing it, considering that it’s been a lot of years since the singer died.