People are blaming Ariana Grande for Mac Miller’s death!

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller

Mac Miller has died from – apparently – an overdose and is now mourned worldwide after passing away at just 26. And as expected, somebody was to blame for this and a lot of fans are saying that ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande is the main ‘suspect’.

The two were inseparable during their relationship which lasted for two years, but after facing some challenges, they called it quits this May.

Therefore, Mac Miller’s fans presume that their favorite actually died from a broken heart…

One fan even accused Ariana Grande of murder: “It’s funny because you actually did kill him.”

Eventually, she didn’t have any choice but to disable the comments section function on her Instagram account, in order to stop this big wave of hate.

She didn’t comment on the artist’s passing yet, but we do expect a statement soon!