People call Solange’s husband an ‘old man’

Solange Knowles

This weekend, Solange Knowles was spotted in Los Angeles, alongside her husband, Alan Ferguson, while enjoying some lunch.

Nothing special until here, but an image with the two from the moment made the rounds online and people reacted immediately, making some comments about the singer’s husband.

To be more specific, people on Twitter started saying that Alan looks like an old man.

Solange and Husband

Well, does he?

Solange is just 32, while her husband, Alan, is 55. Sure, the difference is noticeable, but we really don’t believe that he looks his age. In fact, we believe that he looks very good for 55.

The two are together ever since 2008, when they were photographed at an art gallery, but nobody said, until now, something about the age difference. What are your thoughts on this?