This is how Pepa from Salt’n’Pepa looks now!


There’s no doubt that Salt’n’Pepa is one of the best female groups in history, as back in the 90s, they used to rap about some pretty intense topics. Sure, they aren’t rocking the tops anymore now, but their music remains iconic!

And if there’s nothing new from a musical point of view, we can at least talk about how some of the members are doing.

Take Pepa, for example, who just went through a full transformation. And by full transformation, we mean complete plastic surgery.

Pepa plastic surgery

The Salt’n’Pepa member got her cheeks, nose, and chin done and we can say that the results are pretty remarkable, as just a few people can recognize her now.

Well, at least she somehow knew when to stop with plastic surgery. Or at least this is what we hope…