Pete Davidson returned to his ex, Carly Aquilino

Carly Aquilino and Pete Davidson

Just a few days ago, we were reporting that Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale are now a couple. Still, he was just spotted with his ex, Carly Aquilino.

This Monday, the Saturday Night Live star was seen with the 28-year-old stand-up comedian, right after his show in New York, at The Paramount.

Their rekindled relationship was confirmed by photographer Marcus Russel Price, who posted on Instagram stories a couple of snapshots, showing the former couple, among others.

Pete Davidson and Carly Aquilino didn’t look very close, but it’s actually normal, since…well, you know, their past. But sources claim that they are planning to give their relationship a new chance!

They started dating in 2015, broke up, then kept dating on-and-off for two years, while Pete was also with Ariana Grande, even proposing, but then calling off the engagement.