All that plastic surgery is making Blac Chyna look weird!

Blac Chyna

A few weeks ago, Blac Chyna unveiled a new face at the Oscars and everybody criticized her. But do you think that this stopped her from getting more surgery?

This week, the reality star unveiled a new look on Instagram and we can honestly say that she is looking at least weird. And some people even say that she’s starting to copy Kylie Jenner, in terms of look!

This is her now:

Blac Chyna plastic surgery

Still, the funniest part is that some people on social media believe that Blac Chyna is now starting to look like a LEGO movie character, especially after changing her jawline! And…well, they do have a point, somehow.

In the past, we were hoping that Chyna will eventually stop with all this plastic surgery, but it seems like there’s no way to see this happening anytime soon…