R. Kelly will be present in court today!

R. Kelly

Over the past years, R. Kelly has faced several allegations of abusing women and underage girls. And now it’s time for him to answer in court, over charges of sexually assaulting four people, including three teenagers.

The RnB singer was charged with a 10-count indictment this Friday, almost two months after the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary. The production showed interviews with multiple women, all of them accusing him of sexual misconduct and abuse.

Also on Friday, he surrendered to police and his first court appearance, a bond hearing, was set for today. This comes as a surprise for many, as he has denied the abuse accusations for years.

“I suspect this is succumbing to public pressure. I think they shouldn’t have rushed to judgment. He’s an innocent man,” Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg, said.