R. Kelly’s accuser speaks in public for the first time

R Kelly

The R. Kelly story continues, as his former hairstylist, who accused him of sexually assaulting her, decided to reveal exactly what happened.

Lanita Carter is one of the singer’s four victims, whose accusations led to his arrest in Chicago, back in February.

In an interview for CBS News, she revealed that the incident happened in February 2003, when R. Kelly also requested a head massage, besides doing her hair.

“I laughed it off and I didn’t know he was for real,” she admitted. “If I could change that day, I wouldn’t have been there.”

Apparently, the singer pulled her head down and demanded oral sex, but everything stopped when someone knocked on the door.

In 2002, he was on a bail and if Lanita Carter went to the police after this incident, Kelly’s bail would have been revoked, sending him to jail.