There was a real beef between Lil Kim and Faith Evans back in the days

Faith Evans and Lil Kim

A documentary about Notorious B.I.G.’s life is currently in the works and it just keeps revealing more and more details about all those who knew him.

The rapper’s former road manager, Monica “Shaka Don” Dopwell, talked about a very tense moment between Lil Kim and Faith Evans, which took place some years ago.

Apparently, in 1999, Lil Kim pulled a gun on Faith, who was married to Biggie back then.

“Kim jumped out of the card and pulled a gun on Faith, and said I will blow her brains out,” Monica explained.

However, this was in the past, as the two are now friends and even worked together last year, when they started the “First Ladies Tour”.

However, we’re sure that there were even more tense moments between them…