Remy Ma shared her first MATERNITY pics

As you probably know, Remy Ma has already given birth to a baby girl, but she took to her Instagram account and shared a couple of behind the scenes images from her Fashion Bomb Daily maternity shoot.

And we must admit…she looks pretty good in those pictures! Check one of them out:

Remy Ma revealed that the photo shoot took place roughly two weeks before she gave birth, so we’re even more impressed by how good she looks in the photo she shared on Instagram!

“Just because you’re pregnant, you don’t have to look pregnant. You don’t have to shop at maternity stores, you don’t have to wear empire waists or mumus. At first I was getting a lot of flack like, ‘Oh she’s hiding the baby.’ If I were hiding it, I would have never told y’all nosy asses (laughs). You’re in a state of your life where your body is changing every day,” she said.