Rick Scott Spent A Record $63.6 Million Of His Own Money To Win His Florida Senate Seat

Rick Scott Spent A Record $63

Homespun wisdom in political circles often says not to spend your own money on any kind of election campaign. Doing so is a gamble under any circumstances, but statistically speaking, a large majority of candidates who self-fund go on to lose their elections – however, USA Today reports that new Senator Rick Scott not only bucked that trend with his narrow defeat of Andrew Gillum in Florida in November, but became the highest spending self-candidate in the history of Congress.

Followers of the Scott campaign probably aren’t surprised by Scott’s having funded his campaign himself, as he has a history of doing so. The wealthy former healthcare CEO’s two gubernatorial victories cost him a combined $90 million in 2010 and 2014, which puts the total figure he’s poured into his political career so far at more than $150 million altogether.

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He also indicated in April, when he first got into the Senate race, that he was going to use his own money to win if necessary, telling reporters:

“I’m going to do whatever I can to win this election.”

For the last 20 years worth of congressional elections, a combined 283 candidates for House or Senate seats have poured at least a million dollars of their own money into their campaigns. Of those, just 50 got victories in exchange for their money, a rate of fewer than 1 in 5.

So, “whatever I can” ended up being spending the most of his own money that anyone ever has in a congressional election. And the previous record holder isn’t even close: New Jersey Republican Bob Hugin dropped $36 million on a losing election in November 2018, and altogether there were 13 other self-funding candidates in the most recent election cycle, and in addition to Scott only two others (Dianne Feinstein and Mike Braun, who spent $3 million and $10 million on their own campaigns, respectively) won their races.

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Source: Celebrity Net Worth