Rihanna is getting ready to become a mother


Calm down, she is not pregnant, but it appears that Rihanna is seriously considering the idea of becoming a mother in the near future.

In a recent interview, the single declared that lately she’s been all caught up with work – as a matter of fact, she is now the richest female musician in the world – but now wants to take some time off and focus on her personal life.

“I don’t have a sleep pattern. I have sleep pockets. I fit in when I can,” Rihanna admitted. “That’s why I take those personal days so seriously Because it’s like, ‘You had all of me. I have you the answers.”

As for getting pregnant, the singer revealed that she doesn’t want to rush anything, but wants to become a mother “more than anything in life.”

Well, we’re looking forward to seeing when this will actually happen!