Rihanna lost some SERIOUS WEIGHT!


Remember how we were saying that Rihanna should consider losing some weight, as everybody was claiming that she is a bit too chubby? Well, it happened!

The singer made an appearance at the Savage X Fenty show in Brooklyn, which included a few big names in the game, rocking a very…revealing dress. And man, she was looking good.

This is what we’re talking about:

Rihanna dress

Shortly after this image was published, people starting praising Rihanna’s looks. And we can totally understand why!

If you ask us, no matter her weight, she’ll always look good. Otherwise, she admitted to having a “fluctuating body type” in a recent interview, which explains a lot.

Still, we’re impressed by his attitude, as Rihanna said that she’s always wearing what’s working for her body in that specific day.