Ron Jeremy pleaded NOT GUILTY to 3 rapes

Ron Jeremy

Former porn star Ron Jeremy was in some serious trouble lately, as he pleaded not guilty to multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault.

The actor has been charged with three counts of forcible rape, as well as forcible penetration by a foreign object. He was also charged with a count of forcible oral copulation and sexual battery.

Everything happened in May 2014, when he allegedly forcibly raped a 25-year-old woman, somewhere in West Hollywood. And this is not everything, as Ron Jeremy also assaulted two women, aged 33 and 46, on two different occasions, in 2017. Finally, it looks like he also forcibly raped a 30-year-olf woman, at a bar, in 2019.

Currently, he is being held in a country jail, with the bail being set at $6.6 million, as the judges refused to lower the sum.