Saweetie just got herself a new BOOTY


The female rapper unveiled her new body this Saturday, at Tina Knowles’ Wearable Art Gala, organized in Los Angeles.

As you would probably expect, all eyes were on Saweetie. And for the right reasons, because she looked absolutely amazing!

Saweetie butt

We don’t know if this happens because of her relationship with Quavo, but Saweetie is getting a lot of attention lately! And in order to get even more, she thought that it’s time for a new bum.


It is believed that she opted for a Brazilian butt lift, which is one of the most popular procedures of this type among celebrities. To be more specific, a doctor took fat from her body, using liposuction, and re-injected it into her butt and thigh area.

And voila!, you can all see the result.

What do you think about her new look? Yay or nay?