Selena Gomez looks greater than ever, despite The Weeknd breakup

selena gomez

Everybody knows that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are no longer a couple, but this doesn’t mean that she’s staying at home now, eating ice cream on the couch!

On the contrary, Abel’s ex was spotted after a great workout at the gym, looking incredibly fit and rocking a flat stomach a lot of people would envy her for.

Selena Gomez abs

Of course, we believe that the drama she’s been through these days gave her just the motivation she needed to push a bit farther.

In other news, The Weeknd was recently seen in the backseat of a car with Yovanna Ventura, who happens to be the ex of Selena Gomez’s current boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

Man, this is a real love quadrangle happening here and we’re very curious how it will end…