Serena Williams DROPPED all the baby weight

Serena Williams

When you’re one of the world’s top athletes, it’s mandatory to maintain a good physique, even after you become a mother. And this is exactly what Serena Williams did, as she lost all the extra weight!

After reaching 200 pounds – way too much, considering that her usual is 155 – she is once again back to normal values. Actually, better than normal, as she managed to reach 145.

The tennis legend showed off her new body on social media, saying that she’s ready for this year’s major championships: French and US Opens, as well as Wimbledon. Check her out:

Serena Williams slim

Yes, Serena Williams is fitter than ever and looks prepared to start conquering new titles!

Her trainers believe that her new silhouette will help her a lot, as her agility will be significantly improved. Well, she only needs to prove this!