Sloppy Drunk Chick Goes OFF On Uber Driver … Would Still Hit It Though!

  • trentelle davis

    🎢What are you waiting forr!!!🎢

  • Tippu Tip

    Eat my pussy!

  • More Uber adventures would be hilarious.

  • r.i.p. Cosmo

    wish i cud get this drunk

    • #BDS

      I always end up falling asleep

  • SouthernstarStayShining

    That’s why I would not be a Uber driver.

  • Will-o

    3:41.. awww yeah…


    Uh oh She hit her with the 1 2 3 lol

  • i like what I like

    The is up with the titles here fuckn cracker ass site

  • SleepyDo0

    She stopped the camera then whooped her ass

  • blacknowledge323

    Rose will kiillllllllllllllllllllll. Her

  • Jermonthly Jask

    if I have to go through this s*** I would never want to be an Uber driver

  • Rodney

    Why on earth would you possibly want to be a Uber driver or police officer? There are so many other jobs that you can do.

    • Jermonthly Jask

      lol ikr

  • I’d hit it…..with the same aluminum bat Mr. Ice Cream Man got his ass beat with.

    • WuussGooDinDaHooD B