Snoop Dogg, officially forgiven by his wife

Snoop Dogg and Wife

It finally happened, even though nobody believed they will see this day: Snoop Dogg’s wife, Shante Broadus, has officially forgiven him, for all the years of infidelity.

She made the announcement on Instagram this weekend, by posting a quote reading “long lasting relationship comes with a lot of forgiveness and understanding.”

And her husband immediately replied, thanking her for everything.

Shante Broadus Instagram

In the past, Snoop Dogg has been accused on cheating on his wife numerous times, most recently with Celina Powell, a well-known so-called Instagram model.

Celina, who was linked to several rappers in the past, including Migos’ Offset, tweeted about having intimate relations with Snoop, while listening to ‘Bible of Love’, his gospel album.

She even shared screenshots of text conversations she had with the rapper, including semi-naked photos.