Steve Harvey GOES OFF On Sister Patterson On LIVE TV!!! … Tiffany Pollard “I Love New York” Star Tells The World She Suffered A MISCARRIAGE .. And Her MOM Asks “WHERE’S THE BABY?” … NEVER Seen Steve Harvey This MAD Before!!!

Part 1 (Sister Patterson saying miscarriage doesn’t count as a baby)

Steve Harvey tells it how it is.. Tiffany Pollard aka New York from the hit VH1 serie spinoff “I Love New York” just announced to the world she suffered a miscarriage… Her mom, even though MULTIPLE doctors confirmed Tiffany’s pregnancy, claims it isn’t true… This woman’s sucking up to Steve makes us cringe… You can see in his face how bad he wants to deck her, which is why he pulled out the passive aggressive high five. Tiffany, run as far away as possible from that b*tch you call a “mom.” Scroll down for part 2.. You don’t wanna miss this!

Part 2 (Steve shades Sister Patterson on Live TV)