Steve Harvey got his daughter a new ROLLS ROYCE

Bad news for Steve Harvey, as his talk show was recently cancelled. Still, this didn’t stop him from buying daughter Lori a brand new Rolls Royce!

The TV personality splashed $300,000 on a 2019 Rolls Royce Wraith, as a thank you for being a top executive with his show.

Here she is, alongside her new whip:

This doesn’t come as a surprise, as Steve Harvey made it public that he will always gladly spent money for his family, claiming that it’s his obligation, as the head of the family, to take care of all their needs. Even if these needs are…well, you know, a new Rolls.

As for the future of the show, we’re looking forward to seeing if the producers will reconsider their decision or if he will start a new one, somewhere else!