Steve Harvey got Marjorie a ridiculous $10 million gift

Marjorie and Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey wanted to spoil his wife Marjorie a bit and decided to buy her a diamond ring worth – get ready for this – $10 million!

The comedian and talk show host has been on vacation with his wife for the past month, celebrating her 55th birthday. And in order to make sure it will be an anniversary she won’t forget, he got her one big gift.

Steve Harvey wanted to update her engagement ring and gave her a new flawless diamond, which is pretty much one of the most expensive diamonds in the world.

We bet that you want to see how the rock looks, so here you go:

Marjorie ring

Yes, it’s absolutely huge!

If you like to know a few extra ‘specs’, the ring was supposedly bought from reputed jeweler Harry Winston, it’s completely clear has it’s a 40 carat model!