T.I’s wife just got a whole new LOOK

T.I. and Tiny

T.I. and Tiny weren’t under the spotlight so often lately, but she is back in business and has a completely new look!

The reality star – and singer, by the way – recently went through a couple of plastic surgery procedures and her appearance is more than just slightly different.

Tiny opted for some botox shots, liposuction, as well as a chin implant. Basically, a facelift!

However, the results are amazing, as T.I. wife looks very good, not to mention that her social media followers share the same impression. Check it out:

Tiny new look

As a matter of fact, a lot of people claim that this is the best that Tiny has ever looked!

What are your thoughts on the new look? Does she look better than the Tiny everybody knew from TV and those scandals with T.I.?