Teen Girl Lured To Party By BEST FRIEND … Then Gets Jumped By TONS Of Girls … Sh*t Look More Like A Gang Initiation To Us!!! SEE? It Aint Just Blacks Doin This Sh*t

This attack happened in Anchorage, Alaska…We only have a 30 second clip of this savage attack, but in reality it went on for 10 f*ckin minutes… Naomi Johnson, 14, thought she was going to have a night of fun/sleepover at her best friends house… Instead….She got this… And no one did sh*t as usual cuz we live in a society where no one cares anymore… GET THIS… POLICE HAVE SEEN THE TAPE, BUT NO CHARGES WERE EVER FILED ON THE GIRLS “BECAUSE THEIR AGES RANGE FROM 14 TO 17…..