TERROR IN MEMPHIS: ‘Beautiful’ And ‘Perfect’ Mother KILLS Her FOUR CHILDREN!!! … She HACKS Them Up With A BUTCHER KNIFE!!! (PICS)


AintAboutThatLife.com has heard of some sick stories, but this is one of the most TROUBLESOME. Yesterday a Memphis woman named Shanynthia Gardner (not photo’d) was taken into custody after police found four of her children stabbed to death. An insider claims the children were “hacked” with a large knife. It was one of the most HORRIFIC CRIME SCENES that any of the officers had EVER SEEN.

It’s not at all clear WHY Shanynthia who many in the community considered a “good om” would do this. AintAboutThatLife.com confirmed that the family had no previous cases with child services.

We’re told that he children’s father, Pharaoh Alphonso, is beside himself with distraught. Please pray for him and the rest of the family.


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